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Downey Products USA, Inc.

The Downey family began designing and building the very first framed tonneau cover systems in Syracuse, New York during the late 1970’s. Earlier tonneau covers required drilling holes in the truck fenders to attach the snaps. This created a significant potential for rust damage to the truck. The use of a clamp mounted aluminum frame eliminated this problem. During the 1980’s the Downeys began to manufacture their covers for wholesale distribution and in the early 90’s they designed and patented the current Downey SST snap system which has proven to be one of the most trouble free systems available. The slant side design of the frame and snap system and the quality of the workmanship of the SST tonneau cover have made it a very popular choice.  

The SST is designed to withstand the cold and snowy winters of the Northeast as well as the heat extremes of the Southwest while maintaining ease of installation and convenient access to the truck cargo bed from all four sides and corners. The SST system requires no 'snap to snap' alignment and the snaps will not rust, corrode or freeze. The covers are made from a quality vinyl coated fabric which is extremely durable and maintains a high degree of dimensional stability. The SST aluminum frames are anodized with a black satin finish so that they look good even with the cover off.

Our production facilities in Syracuse, New York are equipped with the latest computer design technology and automated manufacturing equipment. Our staff is a dedicated team of craftsmen with years of experience, known as “The Truck Cover Specialists”, who take pride in continuing the Downey tradition of building the best snap tonneau cover in the industry.

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